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Bust Firming Mask - firming & tightening

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Bust Firming Mask - firming & tightening
Bust Firming Mask - firming & tightening

The most frequent problem for the breast is the loosening of the skin tissue which covers and surrounds each breast. As women age the breast begins to drop as the skin loses its tonicity (tone or condition), the cause of which is largely attributable to the skins inability to maintain its younger hydrated state. Newly developed, the Bust Firming Mask is manufactured from a soft and ultra supple cellulose vegetal material, designed to contour the breast and mimic its natural shape. Containing the powerful ingredients Soybean and Pueraria Mirifica root extract, the Bust Firming Masks action will stimulate Collagen production, remove free radicals, improve circulation and increase cell turgidity. The skin of the breast area will improve, showing improved hydration and elasticity. 


  • Contains Soybean & Pueraria Mirifica
  • Can be applied manually or via the Dermalift system to provide twice the penetration in half the time of this special bust mask
  • Any Dermafusion Bio-Active Ampoule can be applied underneath the mask to ‘Super Boost’ the effect of the mask, or further tailor the treatment to a specific skin type.


  • Skin is left feeling fresh and soft
  • Pueraria Mirifica firms the breast tissue
  • Stimulates blood flow, improving circulation
  • Provides a deeply hydrated and moisturised skin

    (1 pack of 2 masks)

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