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Skin-Lite Cucumber Toner - Non-Drying, Alcohol Free

Silhouette Beauty UK

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Skin-Lite Cucumber Toner - Non-Drying, Alcohol Free


An alcohol free toner containing both lightening and moisturising active ingredients. Formulated with Lemon and AHA to provide astringent, antiseptic and exfoliating actions, Skin-Lite Cucumber Toner leaves the skin looking & feeling fresher and brighter.  The Cucumber provides additional astringent action to improve tone & texture to the skin, closing the pores and firming up the epidermis. Providing an instant feeling of freshness, this gentle toner will not irritate the skin, and will significantly assist in diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Ideal for preparing the face for other skin care treatment in the range. Suitable for all skin types.


    • Contains Lemon & AHA
    • Contains Cucumber
    • Associated products:  Skin-Lite Cleanser, Day & Night Cream and treatment mask


    • Tightens pores
    • Gently firms the skin 


125ml Retail Size

Also Available in 400ml Salon Size

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