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Skin-Lite Foaming Cleanser - skin radiance & balancing tones

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Skin-Lite Foaming Cleanser - skin radiance & balancing tones


This special formula contains active ingredients, which create a rich and soft foam. It will gently but effectively emulsify and remove Sebum, make-up and impurities, whilst maintaining the skin’s vital equilibrium, essential in anti-ageing skin care routines. This action will leave the skin fresh and fully prepared for its other treatments. When wishing to maximise a treatment for mottled uneven skin tones, pigmentation or professionally providing a more youthful radiant start to a facial, Skin-Lite Foaming Cleanser will deliver the answer.

Skin-Lite Foaming Cleanser can also be used as an essential & integral step in a skin whitening facial regime.



  • Balances & brightens uneven skin tones
  • Contains Lemon extract
  • Contains Cucumber extract
  • Associated products: Skin-Lite Cucumber Toner, Day & Night Cream and treatment mask

Client Benefits

  • Maintains the skin's equilibrium
  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Soothes & moisturises


125ml Retail Size

Also Available in 400ml Salon Size

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