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Bio-Revive - triple action: regenerate, treat & protect

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Bio-Revive - triple action: regenerate, treat & protect
Bio-Revive - triple action: regenerate, treat & protect

Since all skin types, of all ages submit to tiredness and loss of energy, the Bio-Revive Mask’s powerful ingredients ensure that its impact is collectively outstanding, fast and most of all efficient.

The powerful bio-active ingredients, Ginseng, Tomato, Peppermint, Menthol and Vitamins A & C work to retard the ageing of the cells, delivering a collection of actions that quickly fight the effects of free radicals. Combating free radicals which block the skin’s cell renewal, then providing a platform for the new skin’s development and survival. This Bio-Revive Mask Treatment will revitalise, treat and then protect your client’s skin, delivering a much clearer, fresher, tighter complexion and restored youthful radiance.




  • Contains a blend of highly concentrated anti-oxidants & stimulating ingredients
  • Can be applied manually or via a Dermalift system
  • Any Dermafusion Bio-Active Ampoule can be applied underneath the mask to ‘Super Boost’ the effect of the mask, or further tailor the treatment to a specific skin type
  • Associated products: Bio-Revive Day & Night Cream 50ml & 250ml




  • Ginseng & Peppermint have a tightening effect on the skin & increase blood flow
  • When applied using the Dermalift system the active ingredients will be infused into the skin to twice the depth of a manual application in half the time

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