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Bofusion - age reversing, line & wrinkle diminishing

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Bofusion - age reversing, line & wrinkle diminishing
Bofusion - age reversing, line & wrinkle diminishing

Designed with a luxurious and unique formula the Bofusion Face Mask has been developed for the treatment of mature, stressed skin. The active peptide in the mask softens the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by relaxing the sub-dermal muscles which create and support the lines that appear on the face and neck. This core ingredient effectively blocks the enzyme responsible for muscular contractions and produces a visual tightening of the skin as facial lines and wrinkles are diminished. The mask can be applied manually, or the active ingredients contained within the mask can be infused with a Dermalift system to achieve twice the depth of penetration in half the required time of a manual application.




  • Contains a unique peptide to relax the sub-dermal muscles
  • Can be applied manually or via a Dermalift system
  • Any Dermafusion Bio-Active Ampoule can be applied underneath the mask to ‘Super Boost’ the effect of the mask, or further tailor the treatment to a specific skin type
  • Associated products: Bofusion Cream 50ml




  • Unique Peptide reduces lines and wrinkles, and has a tightening effect on the skin
  • When applied using the Dermalift system the active ingredients will be infused into the skin to twice the depth of a manual application in half the time

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