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Energiser Micro-Current Lifting Gel 250ml

Silhouette Beauty UK

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Dermalift Energiser lifting gel is formulated as a highly conductive natural gel, which enables micro-current to effectively pass through the facial tissue reaching the muscle fibres deep below the skin. The natural ingredients found within the Energiser include Fresh Royal Jelly, Marine Collagen and a combination of Natural minerals. These ingredients effectively feed, hydrate, lift and balance the skin, achieving unsurpassable results when used in combination with a Silhouette Dermalift system.

Suitable for all skin types and salon use only


  • Contains Fresh Royal Jelly
  • Contains Marine Collagen
  • Contains natural minerals
  • Suitable for all brands of micro-current & lifting machines

Client Benefits

  • Greater micro-current conductivity
  • Facilitates non-surgical lifting & toning
  • Balances skin’s tone whilst lifting
  • Hydrates and Balances skins ph

250ml Jar