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Enzymatic Peeling Mask - exfoliation using fruit enzymes

Silhouette Beauty UK

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Enzymatic Peeling Mask - exfoliation using fruit enzymes


The Enzymatic Peeling Mask is an innovative powder mask that uses natural fruit enzymes to digest the skin's inactive proteins. When applied to the skin using a mask brush the masks enzymes gently dissolve the thick cornea coat of the epidermis, eliminating dead skin cells and re-oxygenating the newly revealed and refreshed epidermis. The refreshed and renewed skin will present itself with a more youthful, fresh and smoother look & feel.


  • Contains active fruit enzymes
  • Peels in just 7 minutes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Skin is left feeling fresh and soft
  • Dead skin cells which make the skin look dull and lackluster will be removed
  • Unblocks pores allowing the skin to be refreshed and to breathe again
  • Provides a much softer, more youthful skin




100g - Approximately 2 Treatments


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